Nicole Hyslop

IMPROVE Operations Manager  Nicole-Hyslop.jpg
Crocker Nuclear Laboratory
One Shields Ave
Davis CA 95616
Phone: 530-754-8979
nmhyslop at ucdavis dot edu

I manage a group that performs the particulate matter (PM) monitoring for the Interagency Monitoring for PROtected Visual Environments (IMPROVE) program.  We are responsible for maintaining the samplers, supporting the local operators, sending sampling supplies to the sites, and analyzing collected samples at approximately 170 sites.  We collect and analyze almost 80,000 samples per year.


Characterizing data quality to gain a better understanding of the sources of error in the measurements and the suitability of data for particular investigations, such as source apportionment or temporal trends analyses.  

Improving quality assurance protocols to identify and reduce errors in both field sample collection and laboratory analyses, including developing new reference materials to evaluate XRF measurements. 


PhD, Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry, June 2010, University of California at Davis, Advisor: Dr. Warren H. White.  Thesis: Data Quality in Airborne Particulate Matter Measurements

M.S., Chemical Engineering, May 1999, University of Texas at Austin,Advisor: Dr. David Allen

B.S., Chemical Engineering, August 1996, University of Wisconsin at Madison


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